Back to School Blogger Exchange

 Only the most amazing ladies could coordinate a secret blogger exchange! What a treat it was to get this package in the mail!

My lovely friend Kay over at On the Trail of Learning really made going back to school a treat.   Look at all the goodies she got me!

Check it Out

Thanks again Glitter and Glue and Ms. Smith for hosting such a rewarding event!
Now off to get some sleep before the 1st day of school!  

Did I mention I am starting the year as a 4th grade teacher..Ive been interviewing candidates to replace me so that I can switch over to Literacy Coach..What a crazy ride. 


August Currenlty

Hallelujah its August!  I fully enjoy summer break but I am SOOO ready to get back into the swing of things.  Farley's Currently Linky Parties are for sure a major part of my monthly routine :)

I have to say this song makes me feel like I could tackle anything!

I tell you it's an obsession :)  I bought the erasable gel pens, then the highlighters, now I found the markers.  I'm ocd when it comes to being able to erase, so I SUPER love these. So much in fact I ordered them from Amazon and they are shipping from Japan!
Crazy stuff happening in my career right now.  In May I applied to be a Literacy Coach in our building, less than a week later the position was filled and I didn't even get to interview.  No big deal we snagged an amazing coach from Texas and she was way more qualified than I.  

Finished setting up my classroom yesterday for my brand new fourth grade rock stars...not much left to do...except at 3:45 I got a call to interview for Literacy Coach on Monday!  Our lady backed out of her contract last minute!  Guess I may have to pack up all my hard work for a different position this year...I'll keep you posted.

On to the important stuff..back to school must haves...
Sticking with a theme here..these babies have not left my side since I snagged them at target!

I can only wear flats these days, but Kohls has all the shoe candy I can handle right now


Last but not least I am a huge lister...I think I may need an intervention.  These post its make my life complete.

If you want a heads up on a fabulous affordable planner...check out my post here.

Can't wait to see what your up to..head on over to Farley's Place!


Monday Made It July 8th

 I'm still not able to get into my classroom and I've got to plan and pack for two big trips this week, plus put together a two day professional development presentation.  Oh and attend a day of training in between :).  

So I've been tinkering around with silly stuff, like redoing my toolbox to better match my color scheme.

 I used scrapbook paper and these super helpful pos it labels (garage sale for a quarter)!

I also painted a wooden bookshelf black to match the other furniture in my classroom.

Oh my goodness I must explain why I'm so late in linking up today.

 This morning I saw this little beauty sitting on the curb and I just had to rescue her.  :) A fresh coat of paint and now she will fit right into my classroom.  

Last but not least in prep for my travels to Florida I snagged this rolling brief case.  It was a little plain and the handle was broken.  So one staple gun and a cute scarf later Viola!

The cute Chevron backgrounds are courtesy of Collaboration Cuties bubble gum pack!


Giveaway Galore

Head on over to Tori's Teacher Tips...she's having an amazing giveaway where you could win an Erin Condren planner!

Head on over to check out how SUPER FAB this planner is.

While your out and about stop by Fourth Grade Flipper for a chance to win a $50 gift card



Throwdown Thursday 7/4

I'm linking up (a day late) with  I'm Lovin Lit to discuss how I make learning more interactive for my students!

This is an area I have definitely grown in during my teaching career.  I rememebr the very moment that my thinking began to change.  During an evaluation my principal suggested that after I posed a question to the group, have the students turn and talk in partners.  I thought she was cray cray, but I tried it.  It was then, that the switch occurred, I went from a giver of info, to a facilitator of learning.

Now my students sit in heterogenous groups of 4.  A high, med, med low and low kiddo make up each group..that way there is a support system built in.  They have a shoulder partner and a face partner to interact with at all times!  I have explicitly taught them how to appropriately work with a another person.. greetings, departings and where your eyes and attention should be!

I also use a bit of technology to keep them engaged.  However, the interactive piece comes into play with these little "activvoters" on their desks at ALL times.  They are connected to the interactive white board at the front of the room.  My little rock stars text in answers, answer multiple choice questions, and my favorite check for understanding!
At the beginning and end of each lesson they rate how well they understand the learning target.  That way I know exactly who to target as I teach, and who to pull for small group to reteach. 

My school also has iPads for students to use.  One of my favorite new (free) apps is Popplet. You can use it on a computer also, but not in safari :(.  Even if there are only 5 iPads available  (we share) I can have them work as a team to build a graphic organizer to organize their thinking related to the lesson at hand. Each student makes a contribution.   Here is an example of one below (not one of mine)

So what do you do to keep things interactive in the classroom? Link up with Erin and share your ideas.

Saturday Snapshots on Sunday

I'm linking up with Miss Nelson for a quick photo glimpse into my weekend.

Lots of fun outside as its only been in the 90's...unheard of this time of year.

During nap time I got a little reading done!

I also snuck off to get my hair done...Oh how I hate how my face looks in photos

And that's my Saturday folks...hope you had a good one.


What I'm Loving Wednesday..July 3rd

Most importantly I am LOVING summer. I've had time to myself...but not too much :)

I found this little gem at Walmart yesterday on the clearance aisle!  You can also order here from Ebay!

This band slides over your notebook or planner to hold your spot, but it also has a cute little pen holder built in!  It's put out by the Smashbook company but it fits my planner just fine :)
I never have a pen or pencil handy, and this solves that problem!
As you can see I have my favorite new erasable  gel pens hooked in there now.

I also picked this little cutie up on sale at Kohl's a few weeks ago!

So perfect to hold all my teacher supplies (planner, iPad etc). And it stands up on its own!  I hate bags that fall over as soon as you set them on the floor.   I noticed Sears also has it for sale online(it was cheaper at Kohls)!  Click here to check it out.

I'm also lovin a new blog I found...Mrs. Z and Company

She made this cute button to share :)  Follow her on bloglovin and it's yours to use!

What are you Lovin?  Link up over at Glitter and Glue
* Amanda


Currently July

Holla!  It's July

Nuff said about the bacholerrette..she's down to earth and fun! Its my guilty pleasure this summer.
Frixion erasable gel pens in fun colors are my new pen obsession!  I've seen them pop up all over the blog world this summer and I decided to bite the bullet.  They work great..you can try them out at office depot..the red is the only one that I noticed that didn't erase well.  Next I'm buying the erasable highlighters.

I applied for a literacy coach position in my district as we had several openings..but it just doesn't seem to be in the cards for me yet!  No worries I have an amazing grade level team to work with and this is where I am meant to be. 

SO SUPER EXCITED to head on over to Orlando on July 14th.  One of my goals this year was to become a Kagan School Trainer, and after an intensive application process I was selected to attend training for a week.  Anybody else going to a Kagan workshop this summer, or hanging out in Orlando?  Wanna meet up?

I LOOVE working out in the summer, and this year I have been swimming at the indoor aquatic center 2 blocks from my house.  Its so peaceful at 5:15 in the morning.  I'm also using My Fitness Pal to watch what I eat...so far so good :)  Anybody else use this app?

I seriously could not have survived blogging without the help of Megan over at Blog Baby Blog.  She has so many easy to follow tutorials. Any tip or trick you need is posted there.
She also has a teaching blog and designs blogs for others..head on over and check her out.
Your turn, head on over and link up with Farley.


Monday Made It 7/1/13

LOOOVE summer..and I'm even more in love with Tara's weekly "Monday Made Its"


Confession Time:  I am obsessed with furniture..it doesnt matter what kind I collect all of it. :) 

I refinished a boring old white book shelf and added some black and white polka dot ribbon...now I just have to find a place for it

I also spruced up a much loved chair.  A coat of paint and some fabric made this beauty an even prettier treasure.

This little addition has to be my favorite made it so far...I really dont have a suitable entry space so after much stalking on Pinterest I repurposed this baby!  One bookshelf turned makeshift mudroom.  Now the kids and husband have a set space for their goodies.  Oh yeah, the polka dot box was also a made it...shoe box, glue gun and now its a snazy sunglass holder.


This has to be the most frustrating thing I've ever created!  Looked easy on Pinterest...but not so much when I tried to hang it from the ceiling...never thought I would use diameter and circumference as an adult!

 Looks much cooler in the dark.

I love summer time!  I have the time to cook more in depth meals.  I am a messy cook so an apron is a must!

This week I made Chicken Enchiladas with Avocado Cream Sauce! Of course I found the recipe on Pinterest.  They were delicious.

Now its your turn to head on over and link up with Tara!


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