Fun in the Sun..Kinda ..& Fun Friday LInky

  Kelly over at Teaching Fourth is hosting her ever fabulous Fun Friday Linky

Fun Lesson From My Class
Thursday conjured up some unusually nice weather for an October day in Kansas.  My little blueberries and I took full advantage and decided to head outside for our shared reading time.  After all our theme is "Going Green"...

Anybody else use the Lead 21 curriculum for reading and language arts?  This is our second year and it's getting easier.

Fun Lesson From Somebody's Class
Love Farley's Pumpkins, Prepositions, and Poems lesson..her ideas on how to incorporate those oober hard ccss learning targets in a motivating format is incredible!

Fun Fall
Enough said..my 3 year old will be a robot butterfly and my husband just finished making the costume..pics coming soon.

Fun Pin
Thank goodness for this pin..I might just win a door decorating contest thanks to this little gem.  See my post here

Fun Freebie
Mandy's Tips For Teachers has an amazing tpt store. Her blog is super helpful too!
Her freebies rock almost as much as she does!



Red Ribbon Web

 Sunny Days In Second Grade gave me all the inspiration I needed with her wicked contribution to Red Ribbon Week!  After seeing her post I couldn't help but steal her freebie and spin my own wicked web!

We also had a little help from our friend Doodle Bugs and her adorable spider craftivity

Combine the two and here is what our door looked like this year.  It's not in the photo but my little blueberries wrote some catchy anti drug slogans on webby paper!



Ostrich Pillow...WHAT

Have you guys seen this thing?    Yes folks its legit! So funny and yet an ingenious idea...not sure if I would use it but definitely see the appeal!

 Check out the Ostrich Pillow here

Disclaimer: This post is in no way shape or form an endorsement for this product...just a random squirrel moment while web surfing...had to share the funny!



First Grade Common Core

  Although I don't teach 1st grade I have quite a few students who need some intensive interventions..I plan on using this First Grade Common Core workbook as a resource.  I also just finished downloading  the 4th grade common core state posters for Language Arts.  I plan on having the kids pull these up on an iPad using the pdf annotator app.  Then they can add notes and comments on each standard as we cover it.



Currently October

So much fun, my fellow mustache lover Farely at Oh Boy 4th Grade is hosting the famous currently linky.

So amazing I stayed out late on a school night this week to see Ingrid Michaelson live in concert...she is so oober talented!

Although loving, quickly deciding that I need to stop drinking these fall flavored lattes...they are bad for the budget and bad for the waistline...but so good for motivation in the morning!

I'm working up the nerve to apply for funding to attend some advanced cooperative learning training happening in February, I have recently become a coach for those using active engagement structures and I really want some new material for my toolbox...plus this stuff really impacts student learning and on task behaviors so I greedily want to learn more in order to better implement in my own classroom!

 Ive jumped on the iPad bandwagon...I found an app that will annotate pdfs and then you can email them...most of our teacher manuals are online pdfs that I could download and add notes.  Our gradebook software also has an app..no more paper checklists that are the manually entered into the computer..click once and move on in the moment :)

Need the wireless Internet to use the iPad that I want..our district wont let any outside devices on the server...grr...but they wont let teachers use the iPads purchased by the district..they are for student use only..completely support this but want the opportunity to use mine (when and if I get one).

Oh of course Halloween books are so fun...pulled a few out the other day and my students were crawling over desks to get at them :)

On a side note our class pet Spongebob Jr (the kids named him) finally came out to play!  I applied for a pets in the classroom grant  and got my coupons in the mail 2 weeks ago...this whole set up and the pet was only 6 bucks out of pocket!



Monthly Monday Made It

Its that time again.  I have 3 Monday Made Its this time around. 

 One  I made, one that I helped my kiddos "make"  and one my mommy made :)...Ok, so I didn't technically make all of them  this time around but it was my creative drive behind these projects. As well as some major inspiration from blog stalking :)

#1 This one was easy..I just took out the glass and all the filler in a frame and hot glued a clip to it. I used stickers and one of those wooden plaques from a hobby store to create the cute label at the bottom. VIOLA a beautiful place to house artwork!

#2  I worked with my kiddos this year to create math spirals. Its a place for students to anchor all their math resources.  We create interactive notes and graphic organizers. (lets just say they are folded in a fancy way:) and then we glue them in and create a working table of contents as we go.

If you follow Runde's Room she calls them interactive math journals..her math journal Sundays are what inspired me to start this in my classroom.
you can visit her TpT store here.

# 3  Last but not least...but possibly my favorite are the teaching aprons my mommy made!  I always carry my building keys, cell phone sticky notes and a favorite pen...sometimes random candy to reward good behavior on the go :0  These pockets are just deep enough to easily handle all this without being bulky..plus they are a TOTAL fashion statement!  My colleagues liked them so much my mom made some for them too!


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