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Round up the Leprechauns...March has now officially arrived!
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It's sad but I DVR the bachelor...I never get to see it Monday nights..so I catch up on the weekends.
My other guilty pleasure has become Downton Abbey...I just started watching it and I am hooked!

As for school this week I have proffesional development which requires a half day sub on wen afternoon and then again on thu morning....NUTS
And I'm still not sure when the rock stars and I can return to our classroom.  I went in this weekend and the leaks were worse! :(

My summer is starting to fill up fast.  I have a week of work scheduled for a district language arts curriculum and assesment team.
Then the next week is booked designing ActivInspire flipcharts to supplement our language arts curriculum.  Super excited to flex my creative muscles, constructing products that will be used district wide.

Now I just need to iron out whether or not a trip to Florida is on the books. I accomplished one of my New Year's goals by applying to become a Kagan school trainer!  The training happens in July but I won't find out if I've been accepted until April.

Lately I have been turning You Tube to invigorate my students.  
Here are a few I have used lately.

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