Monthly Monday Made It

Its that time again.  I have 3 Monday Made Its this time around. 

 One  I made, one that I helped my kiddos "make"  and one my mommy made :)...Ok, so I didn't technically make all of them  this time around but it was my creative drive behind these projects. As well as some major inspiration from blog stalking :)

#1 This one was easy..I just took out the glass and all the filler in a frame and hot glued a clip to it. I used stickers and one of those wooden plaques from a hobby store to create the cute label at the bottom. VIOLA a beautiful place to house artwork!

#2  I worked with my kiddos this year to create math spirals. Its a place for students to anchor all their math resources.  We create interactive notes and graphic organizers. (lets just say they are folded in a fancy way:) and then we glue them in and create a working table of contents as we go.

If you follow Runde's Room she calls them interactive math journals..her math journal Sundays are what inspired me to start this in my classroom.
you can visit her TpT store here.

# 3  Last but not least...but possibly my favorite are the teaching aprons my mommy made!  I always carry my building keys, cell phone sticky notes and a favorite pen...sometimes random candy to reward good behavior on the go :0  These pockets are just deep enough to easily handle all this without being bulky..plus they are a TOTAL fashion statement!  My colleagues liked them so much my mom made some for them too!



  1. Your teaching aprons are adorable. What fun and colorful fabric!

    Fourth Grade Garden

    1. Thanks..what started out as an essential item turned into fun and funky real fast :)

  2. Your Mommy is super talented! Those aprons are so cute!
    - Michele
    Multiage Moments

    1. Thanks! I have a few on hand and I am working up the courage to host a giveaway!


  3. I also love the aprons! Would totally wear any of them : ) I'm a new follower of your blog!

    Young Daze in 5th Grade

  4. New follower here too. I love your artwork display. Would make a great addition to my daughter's room! Would love for you to stop by my blog sometime!

    Success in Second Grade
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  5. Adore the aprons! Definitely like the idea of the giveaway!


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