Currently October

So much fun, my fellow mustache lover Farely at Oh Boy 4th Grade is hosting the famous currently linky.

So amazing I stayed out late on a school night this week to see Ingrid Michaelson live in concert...she is so oober talented!

Although loving, quickly deciding that I need to stop drinking these fall flavored lattes...they are bad for the budget and bad for the waistline...but so good for motivation in the morning!

I'm working up the nerve to apply for funding to attend some advanced cooperative learning training happening in February, I have recently become a coach for those using active engagement structures and I really want some new material for my toolbox...plus this stuff really impacts student learning and on task behaviors so I greedily want to learn more in order to better implement in my own classroom!

 Ive jumped on the iPad bandwagon...I found an app that will annotate pdfs and then you can email them...most of our teacher manuals are online pdfs that I could download and add notes.  Our gradebook software also has an app..no more paper checklists that are the manually entered into the computer..click once and move on in the moment :)

Need the wireless Internet to use the iPad that I want..our district wont let any outside devices on the server...grr...but they wont let teachers use the iPads purchased by the district..they are for student use only..completely support this but want the opportunity to use mine (when and if I get one).

Oh of course Halloween books are so fun...pulled a few out the other day and my students were crawling over desks to get at them :)

On a side note our class pet Spongebob Jr (the kids named him) finally came out to play!  I applied for a pets in the classroom grant  and got my coupons in the mail 2 weeks ago...this whole set up and the pet was only 6 bucks out of pocket!



  1. Found you through the Currently link up! I'm also sooo into fall flavored coffee drinks! Can't wait for the Gingerbread flavor to come out! I'm your newest follower, come on by for a visit
    Leading and Reading

    1. Thanks for stopping by...I stopped by for a visit and stayed awhile...now i;m a follower..gotta love our coaches :)

  2. I am not brave enough for a class pet. I would love to have iPads in the room. We have laptops, but I actually would love to have iPads.
    ~April Walker
    The Idea Backpack

    1. I wasnt brave enough for a pet until this year...I started out small, kids are digging it!

  3. So cool to have your very own sponge Bob*** so cool thanks for linking up

  4. An ipad would be nice, especially if you could connect it to the internet.I love your class pet!

    Learning and Teaching for Life

  5. I know how you feel about the wireless. Our school actually has it and we can use it on our personal devices... but I am out in a portable and can't catch the signal at all! It is so frustrating. I have not jumped on the iPad wagon yet (probably good thing because my husband will kill me if I ask for another piece of technology) but I can see how they can be beneficial. I am your newest follower :) (and emailed you my files for replying to my post)
    Third Grade Tidbits


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