Back with a Bang

Well folks thanks for enduring my venture endeavor of posting from my iPad. I just finished using Pic Collage to show off an activity my little rockstars just finished. In reading our theme is space. Our curriculum includes inquiry based research projects and for this one kiddos made lap books. They came up with their own research questions and off we went. These rock stars are natural born presenters, so we invited a kindergarten class in for a buddy read of our lap books. It was a hit!


  1. The lapbooks look awesome! I love the idea of sharing them with kindergarten buddies - what a great thing (for both ages!)

    Joy in the Journey

  2. Thanks, all the credit goes to the kiddos...I gave them the supplies and let them run with it. It worked out great becasue they had to also share their "proof" with their buddies.


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