September Currently

Wow we are already in our 3rd week of school!

I used the Phillip Phillips song "Home" as a transition cue today.  The kiddos had till the song was over to cut out the needed materials and throw their scraps in the recycling bin.  What a difference...my anxiety level as well as the kiddos was way down..And EVERYONE finished the task on time.  Amazing.

In social studies the anticipatory set was a simple true false..we live in the state of Lawrence (ha ha)..we live on the southern hemisphere etc :)  I ramped it up a bit by using the acti-voters (techy texting devices).  I also threw in a bit of cooperative learning with round robin cconsensus before they could send in their votes.



  1. Wow. Sounds like you use a lot of technology in your classroom. I'm way jealous of your acti-voters. We always used sign language. :)
    I need more hours in the day as well. Don't we all?
    Life with Mrs. L

  2. I love Phillip Phillip's song, Home, too!! I would have never thought of using his song for transitions! Great idea. :) The acti-voters looks like a lot of fun to use too.

    Cheers To School


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